Fully managed FTP, FTPS and SFTP Server Hosting in the Amazon, Microsoft or Google Cloud.

100% AWS Integrated


Hosted~FTP~ strongly believes in Amazon’s reliability with S3 storage, RDS, and EC2 which we entirely run on. Taking advantage of AWS locations only, our speed relay infrastructure is secure and provides high speed for you and your clients accessing anywhere around the world. Hosted~FTP~ will make every reasonable effort to make the overall file hosting service available with an SLA of 99.95%

Superior Security


Experience beyond end-to-end encryption with Hosted~FTP~’s unique best of the breed security model. Encryption in transit, upon arrival, and at rest. Did we mention your metadata is also encrypted throughout? The ultra-private SaaS application allows HTTPS/FTPS/SFTP connections to transfer files with AES 256 bit encryption while adhering to numerous compliances and security standards.

High-speed Global Transfers


Hosted~FTP~ has servers located globally. Routing to the server closest to your geographical location, you can experience high-speed transfer rates even for large files anywhere on the globe. Always. Take a speed test below and see how we can automatically route you to the closest server based on your location for the fastest file hosting service speeds possible.

No Throttles Worldwide. 

Speed. Guaranteed. Test our speed relay system today!

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