Exchanging EDI Files

The Challenge

Companies that require to exchange EDI files usually require automation with multiple clients to upload and retrieve files in bulk. An on-premise server that requires technical staff and maintenance becomes high in costs. Hosted~FTP~ enables a high-speed infrastructure with high availability, reliability, and security at a fraction of the price.

The Solution

Flexible folder permission control

Hosted~FTP~’s infrastructure allows a perfect EDI exchanging environment. Manage user and folder permissions to designate files only to be seen by the right clients.

High SLA and reliability

Companies that use EDI also need a server that will not fail, even during off-times. With Hosted~FTP~’s SLA of 99.99% and our use of Amazon Web Services, automations running EDI file transfers can expect to always have a server ready to connect.

File integrity (chain of custody)

Hosted~FTP~ makes sure your EDI files remain the same as when it was first uploaded. All files are fingerprinted with an MD5 hash that is stored with reference to the file. When the file(data) is retrieved the MD5 hash is recreated and compared against the original to establish proof that there has been no tampering.

Real-time notifications

With EDI files, knowing when recipients receive or send data can be crucial for time-management. Hosted~FTP~ allows clients to be notified when new EDI files are ready to be downloaded the moment they are uploaded.

24x7 Mission critical support

Save costs on staff and maintenance with Hosted~FTP~’s 24×7 mission critical support for your EDI transfers at anytime of the day. Talk to a support consultant anytime you need.