Hosted~FTP~ Feature Details

Cloud-level features

Global cloud-based infrastructure

Hosted~FTP~ services are all deployed on Amazon Web Services that focuses on providing infrastructure services based on cloud computing technology. This provides Hosted~FTP~ with all the benefits of a highly scalable, highly reliable and highly secure platform.

Dedicated network firewalls

Firewalls are used to lock down access to servers and databases, both by IP address/range and port. Only authorized servers and static/elastic IP addresses are permitted through the firewall, and only on the minimum set of ports required to operate the service.

Intrusion protection and detection

Hosted~FTP~ uses the latest tools to conduct penetration and vulnerability scans to ensure that we are protected from all malware and hacker exploits.


High availability servers

Hosted~FTP~ global infrastrucure deploys “speed relays” for our HA design in multiple AWS regions. Our service utilizes AWS route 53 to route traffic based on multiple criteria, such as endpoint health, geographic location, and latency which ensures that our network configuration provides very high SLA (99.95+%)


Vulnerability scanning

We utilize industry standard toolsets to conduct vulnerability scans and get a complete picture of the configurations in our cloud environment to identify and correct any potential misconfigurations and respond to industry standard security policy and compliance changes.

Real-time file backup in separate region

Hosted FTP stores a real time back up of all encrypted files in a separate AWS region for DR purposes (see DR section)


Standby disaster recovery

Hosted~FTP~ has full backup of the encrypted files and our RDS database that contains all account metadata for full DR capabilities. This provides an extra level of assurance that in the extremely unlikely event that an entire AWS region is damaged or destroyed your files will be safely stored and available in a separate region.

Multi-cloud support (custom)

Hosted~FTP~ supports a fully managed file tranafer service on Azure, GCP and Oracle as well as AWS. Please contact for further information.

Account management features


Browser-based administration

Easily fully control and manage the server and all your users through web browser on any device. All browser operations and/or transfers are 256 AES encrypted for military grade security connections.

Import users and shared folders

Import and set up multiple user or folder settings in bulk with different permissions. We work with you to define the appropriate templates that give you a base for configuring your users and shares in a bulk format.

White-label branding

Customize the web interface of the file-sharing platform to fully represent your organization’s brand. Also use custom URLs: or

Multiple operation administrators

Best practice for Enterprise accounts is to create operational administrators who can manage the daily operations processes i.e. create users, shares, transfer and manage files, etc.

Group (departmental) admins

Create Group (departmental) administrators who can manage and create users for their designated Group. Typical use case is for managiong multiple departments, projects, projects, etc where there is a need to silo the user communities.


FTP/SFTP scripting and FTP utility support

Support for reviewing and testing custom automation script jobs. Also provide expert assist on standard industry file transfer tools i.e. RoboBasket, Win SCP, WebDrive, MultCloud

Contact lists

Add users and contacts into “Contact lists” to manage large groups of constituents for sharing folders

Real-time reports

Review all account activity in real-time with a Reports tab available for Account and Ops administrators. Includes Logins, Transfers, Sync events, failures, etc. Can export to an XLS and/or CSV file and save reports for ease of repitition

File retention policy (Q3/Q4 2021)

Apply a policy on folders that will delete files when they meet certain criteria.

Security features


End-to-end+ encryption

We encrypt your data in transit, upon arrival, and at rest with military grade 256-bit AES encryption.


Encrypted metadata

We go above and beyond and encrypt all file & folder names, usernames, passwords, etc. with military grade 256-bit AES encryption.

Gold standard security

Always keep your data protected and compliant with the best security model using AWS. Includes FTPS/SFTP protocol lock, SSH (PKI) key pairs support, Single Sign-On (SSO) and Google Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Set up 2-factor authentication for admins and/or users to log in to their Hosted~FTP~ account securely using Google Authenticator.

Single sign-on (SSO)

To simplify user and password management, Administrators can implement Single Sign-On (SSO) for user logins using Auth0, Google, or Okta.

IP whitelisting

Whitelist a single or a range of IP addresses to access the site on an account level or user-by-user basis.

Compliance (HIPAA, CJIS)

Our “gold standard” security model, shared responsibility model with AWS compliance and security standards and a feature set that allows for multiple levels of operations gives us the necessary backdrop to be compliant with very strict standards i.e. HIPAA/HITECH, SOC2 (AWS), ISO27001 (AWS), GDPR (will sign a DPA)


Complex Password policy

We support a password policy that meets all the rigourous compliance standards for HIPAA (PHI data), CJIS (criminal justice system), EDI (PII) standards. Set up a customized password policy to enforce users to create more complex passwords to meet compliance requirements.

Enable/disable each protocol

Enforce a secure FTPS/SFTP connection policy at an Account level when users connect to Hosted~FTP~.

User-level protocol restrictions

Lock groups or specific users to only use HTTPS/FTPS/SFTP when connecting to Hosted~FTP~.

User/Admin features

Global high-speed transfers

Automatically connect to the closest server to your location for the fastest transfers anywhere around the world.

Upload plugin tool

Embed multiple upload tools (1 per user) to a website for 3rd parties to send files. Optional to add in a form. Alternatively, you can also provide a simple URL.


Email notifications for transfers

Notify the folder owner, users, and recipients about new uploads and downloads for each individual folder.


Folder & sub-folder level sharing

The folder owner can specify read-only, read/write or write-only access for each folder and/or sub-folder for each user. Includes anonymous folders.

Anonymous FTP access

Allow 3rd parties without login credentials to access specific folders with permissions you specify: read-only, read/write, write-only.

Browser-based admin interface

Easily access and manage your server and users through web browser on any device.

Mobile device access

Use any mobile device (phone, tablet etc.) that has a web browser to access the Hosted~FTP~ site to manage or transfer files.

Secure email links for download

Send a secure download link to recipients to retrieve files from your FTP/SFTP site.

Drag & drop

Select & upload multiple files directly from your desktop into the web interface with drag & drop.

File transfer support

All major FTP clients

Fully support all standard FTP/SFTP clients like Filezilla, WinSCP, Cyberduck.

Web browser (HTTPS)

Fully support all standard browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge.


SFTP with username/password

Full support for the SFTP protocol using 256 bit AES encryption and user/pass authentication.


SFTP with PKI (SSH) key

Set up a matching private and public key pair (PKI) SFTP authentication for users instead of username/password.



Fully support Plain FTP access for legacy systems, anonymous file sharing and can be disabled by admin if required.


FTPeS active and passive

Full support for the FTPeS protocol using 256 bit AES encryption with support for both Active and Passive modes.

Support Model

Free 21 day trial

21 day POC trial with all features unlocked to implement your use case and test with users

9-5 support only (chat, email)

9-5 support support provides: troubleshooting and on-boarding setup for the Administrator.

24×7 Premium support

Premium support provides: troubleshooting, basic scripting support, on-boarding, migration assist and end user support.

Phone & email technical support

Hosted~FTP~’s support experts are available via phone and email to troubleshoot, assist in setup, and answer any technical questions.

Initial setup/best practice review

Schedule a webinar with one of our experts to setup the infrastructure to fit your use case requriements.


Our experts can review strategy details and assist in migrating your on-premise data, user community, folder structure, existing processes, data ownership, and timeframes.

24×7 Dedicated support

Always be escalated as top priority support tickets and receive a direct hotline to 2nd-level support.