Hosted~FTP~ Features

Group Bundle Features

(Available for all subscriptions)


End-to-end+ encryption

We encrypt your data in transit, upon arrivaland at rest with 256-bit AES encryption.

Encrypted metadata

We go above and beyond and encrypt all file & folder names, usernames, passwords, etc. with 256-bit AES encryption.

Gold standard security

Always keep your data protected and compliant with the best security model using AWS.  Includes FTPS/SFTP protocol lock, SSH (PKI) key pairs support and Google Multi-factor Authentication (MFA).


Global high-speed transfers

Take advantage of our Gbps pipeline and skip ISP hops from anywhere around the world for all your clients and branches.


Folder & sub-folder level sharing

The folder owner can specify read-only, read/write or write-only access for each folder and/or sub-folder for each user. Includes anonymous folders.


Fully-managed interface

Easily fully control and manage the server and all your users through web browser on any device. 

Secure email links for download

Send a secure download link to recipients to retrieve files from your FTP/SFTP site.

Import users & shared folders

Import and set up multiple user or folder settings in bulk with different permissions.

White-label branding

Customize the web interface of the file-sharing platform to fully represent your organization’s brand. Also use custom URLs: or

Mobile device access

Use any device that has a web browser from anywhere and access the Hosted~FTP~ site based on your set up permissions.

Upload plugin tool

Embed multiple upload tools (1 per user) to a website for 3rd parties to send files. Optional to add in a form. Alternatively, you can also provide a simple URL.

Anonymous FTP access

Allow 3rd parties without login credentials to access specific folders with permissions you specify: read-only, read/write, write-only.

Drag & drop

Select & upload multiple files directly from your desktop into the web interface with drag & drop.


Phone & email technical support

Group subscriptions have business hours phone support and support tickets are answered within 24 hours.


Email notifications for transfers

Notify the folder owner, users, and recipients about new uploads and downloads for each individual folder.

Enterprise Features

Multiple administrators

Create operational administrators who can manage and create users.

Group users

Assign users to the same group to share resources in one infrastructure. Designate a group administrator to manage and control the resources.

Password policy

Set up a customized password policy to enforce users to create more complex passwords. 

IP whitelisting

Whitelist a single or a range of IP addresses to access the site on an account level or user-by-user basis.

24x7 premium support

Our support consultants are available at any time to assist you and your users with troubleshooting and inquiries through live chat, phone, email, and webinar. Single-user and team onboarding are also available.

Enterprise+ Features

File retention policy

Apply a policy on folders that will delete files when they meet certain criteria.

Sync to S3, SFTP, and other Clouds

Apply rules to folders which will sync data to your own S3, SFTP, and other Clouds.

Real-time reports

Review all account activity in real-time with a Reports tab available for all administrators.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Enable users to login using their SSO ID (I.e. Google account)

Advanced regulations

We will work with you to comply with the necessary regulations, such as FedRAMP, HIPAA, signed BAA, SOC 2, etc.

24x7 Dedicated support

Have an assigned team around the clock ready to assist you with mission-critical support. Get a direct hotline to senior consultants and 2nd-level support.