Construction MFT Cloud Solution

Use secure FTPS and SFTP protocols to upload, download, and share proposal documents and updates to proposals to contractors, subcontractors, trades, and professionals. Avoid physical hardware and place entire data infrastructure into the Cloud, managing each users restrictions based on what they need to access. Create restricted directories only available to users with permissions. Organize different users based on employees, clients, business partners, etc. customizing their permissions in the SFTP server.

Fully managed cloud-based file transfer service

Hosted~FTP~ offers different levels of security. For enterprises who need the highest level of security, Hosted FTP provides a single-tenant, dedicated SFTP cloud-based SaaS application service for clients who require assurance of privacy, security, and confidentiality for their file transfer activities. No other FTP/SFTP server host offers this level.

Meet and exceed data protection standards

Our infrastructure’s security meets or exceeds all requirements set out by many data privacy and protection standards (i.e GDPR and will sign a DPA). This includes security, reliability, risk analysis and multi-factor authentication.

Gold standard security model

Hosted~FTP~ has the best security model available on the market; we encrypt files and metadata (i.e. filenames, folder names and field names) in transit, on arrival and at rest. 

You can also configure Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) with integration to Google Authenticator for login access and IP white-listing by username. No other provider has this capability of protecting PII and PHI types of data.

Secure access from any device

Hosted~FTP~ allows the ease of access to your SFTP server through any device from anywhere in the world. In the office or at the remote site, you can access proposal updates, plans, drawing and submittals from any device with a web browser or an FTP client. With Hosted FTP’s security features, you can always login securely such as IP whitelisting, PKI keys, password complexity, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and more.

Effectively distribute and track proposals

Send files from your PC or from existing FTP folders to securely distribute project and bid information.  Keep track of who has accessed your files and when for fair bidding processes. With Hosted FTP’s audit log feature, you can track all login and transfer activity of every user in your SFTP server.

Secure bid response via browser

Contractors, trades, and professionals can respond to bids using our plugin that allows them to upload responses to bid proposal documents. This can include multiple fields that collect information identifying the organization; i.e company name, proposal, reference, email contact, etc.

Real-time notifications

To facilitate optimum workflow, notifications are necessary to keep all internal and external contacts up to date on any new information to be able to organize the appropriate resources and team members for the best possible outcome.