Law Enforcement MFT Cloud Solution

When it comes to transferring files, government organizations that deal with confidential information require strict regulatory compliance and high-level data protection. An on-premise server with required staff, maintenance, and frequent compliance reviews can become time
consuming and costly. Hosted~FTP~ enables high availability, reliability, security, and high-speed infrastructure with a fraction of the cost.

Fully managed cloud-based file transfer service

A compliant, fully-managed, cloud-based file transfer platform. 

Hosted~FTP~ offers different levels of security. For enterprises who need the highest level of security, Hosted FTP provides a single-tenant, dedicated SFTP cloud-based SaaS application service for clients who require assurance of privacy, security, and confidentiality for their file transfer activities. No other FTP/SFTP server host offers this level.

Meet and exceed government and data protection standards

(CJIS compliance)

Our CJIS compliant infrastructure meets or exceeds all requirements set out by CJIS including security, reliability, risk analysis and multi-factor authentication. 

We are also compliant with other data privacy and protection standards (i.e GDPR and will sign a DPA).

Gold standard security model

We encrypt all data and metadata in transit, upon arrival and at rest.
With 256-bit AES military-grade encryption, it makes sense why many
organizations trust us with their data. Hosted~FTP~ has the best security
model available on the market. You can also configure Multi-Factor
authentication (MFA) with integration to Google Authenticator for login
access and IP white-listing by username.
No other provider has this capability of protecting PII and PHI types of data.

Secure access from any device

Hosted~FTP~ allows the ease of access to your SFTP server through any device from anywhere in the world. In the office or at the remote site, you can access proposal updates, plans, drawing and submittals from any device with a web browser or an FTP client. With Hosted FTP’s security features, you can always login securely such as IP whitelisting, PKI keys, password complexity, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and more.

Global infrastructure (speeds)

Get the fastest speeds at all times with our global high-speed system using Amazon Web Services. Automatically reroute to the closest speed-relay zone near your geographical location and take advantage of our Gbps pipeline and avoid ISP hops.

Flexible folder permission control

Organizations can easily configure restricted access and permissions in your SFTP server. Our waterfall permissions system will allow vendors, partners, and clients access to their designated folders only. Assign each user different rights to those folders: with read, write, read/write, or read/write and no

Group management

Government’s have many different divisions and departments and Hosted~FTP~’s group feature allows you to separate data access in different groups. Delegate a group admin who controls the folder structures who can create their own users and manage access and resources.

Real-time notifications

Receive immediate notifications when a user uploads or downloads a file in SFTP. Also, provide your user with a notification when files are transferred into your FTP server.

Upload plugin tool

Customize the look and use our plugin feature to securely upload files to your FTP server from 3rd parties without requiring login credentials. A key feature for receiving documents from clients and investigations such as video submittals or evidence requests through secure HTTPS.