Finance MFT Cloud Solution

Utilizing the trusted SFTP or FTPeS secure protocols allows Finance organizations to confidently share sensitive financial and client data with clients or firms that need access to them. Protect your data with a mature security model which uses 256bit AES to encrypt data in transit, upon arrival and at rest (including metadata) and is impervious to cyber attacks. Employ restricted shared folders and granular controls to limit which users can view certain files. Easily organize and manage your folder infrastructure for employees, business partners, and clients all in one place. Save time and money by removing the need for physical hardware, maintenance, staffing costs and become one of the many organizations leveraging the benefits of moving to the Cloud today.

Fully managed cloud-based file transfer service

Hosted~FTP~ offers different levels of security. For enterprises who need the highest level of security, Hosted FTP provides a single-tenant, dedicated SFTP cloud-based SaaS application service for clients who require assurance of privacy, security, and confidentiality for their file transfer activities. No other FTP/SFTP server host offers this level.

Meet and exceed data protection standards

Our infrastructure’s security meets or exceeds all requirements set out by many data privacy and protection standards (i.e GDPR and will sign a DPA). This includes security, reliability, risk analysis and multi-factor authentication.

Gold standard security model

Hosted~FTP~ has the best security model available on the market; we encrypt files and metadata (i.e. filenames, folder names and field names) in transit, on arrival and at rest. 

You can also configure Multi-Factor authentication (MFA) with integration to Google Authenticator for login access and IP white-listing by username. No other provider has this capability of protecting PII and PHI types of data.

Restricted, Shared, Authorized Access to Folder(s)

Hosted FTP allows you to easily set up access privileges for a specific folder(s) and its contents. Grant access to specific business partners, clients, employees without exposing any data to the wrong parties. Set-up permissions for users to download or upload-only capability. Add more security measures like multi-factor authentication (MFA), IP whitelisting, PKI keys, password complexity, and more.

Track all login and transfer activity

Hosted FTP’s audit log feature allows enterprises to track daily login and transfer activity for each day. Know what IP addresses are accessing, which user accounts are most active, which files are being transferred the most, and more.

File upload tool for unregistered users

Embed your own upload tool on your site that clients, partners and vendors can submit files and documents without needing login credentials directly to your FTP/SFTP site.

Have multiple upload tools for different clients and departments: medical records, applications, insurance claims, forms, etc. This is a key feature for receiving files without requiring end-users to log in. 

Group management

Easily customize users, groups, and folder control to provide a collaborative platform for departments or different branches to share files and updates in their own network.