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Issuing Your Own SSL Certificate with HostedFTP

With our dedicated single-tenant service, customers can issue their own SSL certificate as one of the customization options. This is an overview of the process to obtain and install the SSL certificate for the single-tenant FTP site.


1. You: Complete and return the CSR (certificate signing request) template document. You can replace “ftp.yourcompany.com” with your preferred hostname.

2. Hosted~FTP~: Create the CSR file and provide it back to you

3. You: Use the CSR file to purchase the SSL certificate

4. You: Send the SSL certificate to Hosted~FTP~

5. Hosted~FTP~: Install the SSL certificate into the single-tenant site

Example CSR template

The table below is an example CSR template that customers can fill out to provide to our team to issue into your single-tenant site.

Certificate Signing Request (CSR) Details
Name Value Comments
Common Name ftp.yourcompany.com The fully qualified domain name that clients will use to reach your FTP server
Organization The exact legal name of your organization
Department Many people leave this field blank. This is the department within your organization which you want to appear in the certificate. It will be listed in the certificate’s subject as Organizational Unit, or “ou.”
City The city where your organization is legally located
State The state where your organization is legally located
Country The country where your organization is legally located
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