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Add Zillow metrics to Listhub with a shared folders


Zillow’s has been receiving listing data via ListHub since April 2011 and has decided to end this agreement. Zillow made the disclosure in a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission. In the SEC filing, Zillow said it is ending its four-year listing agreement with Move, Inc., which operates Realtor.com for the National Association of Realtors. And Move is now owned by News Corp (NWS). Realtor.com operator Move Inc.’s subsidiary, ListHub, is set to stop sending listings to realtor.com rival Zillow April 7, 2016, potentially cutting off the flow of hundreds of thousands of listings to Zillow, a highly-trafficked real estate portal on the Web.

How do I add Zillow Group metrics to ListHub reports?

The current process for Zillow Group’s metrics to appear on ListHub’s reports is as follows:
1) The broker/MLS should setup an FTP site (see below)
2) The broker/MLS should direct Zillow Group to place the metrics on your FTP site.
3) The broker/MLS should contact ListHub’s customer care group and provide them with the FTP login.
4) The ListHub team will access the metrics on the FTP site and add them to your reports.

Can you provide me with the FTP site?  OR…. Is there an easier way to do this?

ListHub has provided a free FTP account for each ListHub customer to have a unique and secure location for Zillow Group to deliver your metrics for your reports.   This process is proven and works with ListHub customers today. The Zillow Group communicated that they will not provide metrics for customers in the same way that they have already provided them for others.  Instead, they are requiring every customer to create their own FTP location for metrics.

Zillow-Listhub use case setup instructions with Hosted~FTP~

Create your Hosted~FTP~ site?

  • Listhub recommends using  Hosted FTP (https://hostedftp.com/) as your FTP service provider. Click on this link and subscribe to a Group account.
  • Please go to this link and download the detail instructions on setup/configuration to get going.
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