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Creating a password protected shared folder

Username/password login with email notification on download (Upload).

Use case description

Password protected shared folder: A username ClientNew1 with share access to a folder NewClientFolder and email notification when the client downloads a shared file or uploads a new file to your site. The username ClientNew1 provides your clients with login access to https://yourCompany.hostedftp.com for specific folders that you share with the privileges that you specify i.e. Read Only, Write Only, Read/Write.
password protected shared folder

For creating a password protected shared folder, follow the instructions below:

Step Instruction
1 Open up a web browser and go to  (assumes you have branded your sub-domain yourcompany on the setup page) https://yourcompany.hostedftp.com  or https://hostedftp.com
2 Login as the admin i.e. admin@yourCompany.comor the user that manages the folder NewClientFolder
3 Click on the “Files” menu tab, then click on the folder that you want to share i.e. NewClientFolder and then click on the “Share” button (right side of screen between “Send” and “Download”)
4 Click the “Add contacts” button in the middle of the screen. A new window will pop up.
5 Enter in one or more email addresses (one per line) for each new username you want to create. Simply take the desired username ClientNew1 and append your subdomain name i.e.  @yourCompany.com as the system does require an email address on this step. The dummy email will be ClientNew1@yourcompany.com
6 The first checkbox at the bottom of the pop up window defaults to “Allow Read access”. Change this setting for your specific access and click the “Continue” button below it.
7 The next checkbox at the bottom of the pop up window allows you to specify if you want to be notified when a client has downloaded a file. Select
“Send notification emails upon Download.” You may also choose to select Upload or Upload/Download
8 The email address(s) just added will be displayed in the full list of users at the bottom of the screen. If you’re happy with what you see, click the “Save” button.
9 After clicking “Save”, an email is sent to the admin email for each dummy email address.
10 Pick up the email and click the link inside; it should present a screen with the correct email address (e.g. ClientNew1@yourCompany.com). Choose and enter the password you want for this client and then login as this user.
11 You’ll notice that when logged in as the new user, you have fewer options at the top. Only Home, Files, and Setup. Click on the “Setup” page and then click on the “Change” button under “Username”. Follow the instructions on the “Change username” page. This is where you will change the username to be ClientNew1 (without the @yourCompany.com)
12 As a final test, logout of this user and then login again to  https://yourcompany.hostedftp.com with username ClientNew1 and your password. Once logged in, click on the “Files” page and then click on the “NewClientFolder” folder. You’ll see a message that says admin@yourcompany.com gave you Read access”
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