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Creating contact lists for bulk emailing

What is a list?

A contact list is a group of more than one contact. By selecting the list name in your “Add Contacts” button when sharing or sending files, all the contacts in the list will be added.

  • Contact lists are helpful when you want to send mail or share folders with the same group of recipients over time.
  • When sending mail click the “To” button to select from your existing contacts and lists. When sharing folders click the “Add contacts” button to choose from both your contacts and lists.

Managing lists

Lists are managed from the Lists page:
1. To create a list click “Add” from the menu
2. To edit an existing list, click the list you want to edit, update as needed, and then click “Save”
3. To delete an existing list, click the list you want to delete and then click “Delete this list” from the menu


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