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CyberDuck Review: Our Rating 9/10

CyberDuck is a great FTP client that users can easily use to upload, download and delete files from their FTP. When you start the program, it conveniently asks you to automatically sign into the last ftp server you logged in to. This is really great because it saves users the stress of going through the process of entering the username and password or selecting the ftp server from a list of saved ftp accounts before they can connect. Also it will ask if it could import all the login credential from all the other FTP clients you have installed on your system. This saves users the time to migrate login credentials from one client to the other.

Key Features

Features Supported Rating 1-5
Cost Free but they accept donations.


Fast Transfer Speed


With the internet download speed of 3.68 Mbps and upload speed of 1.32 Mbps. A 90.9MB file uploaded in 10 minutes and 57 seconds. 4
Ease of upload/ download You can easily upload/download files and folders from your laptop or computer system to your FTP server easily through drag and drop. You can also click on the upload / download button


Multiple Protocols



Site Managing You can save multiple login credentials to the ftp server through bookmarking

Direct file upload You can easily upload files and folders from your laptop or computer system to your FTP server easily through drag and drop or by clicking on the upload button


Search Capabilities A search function can be done to search for a specific file or folder. 5
File sharing capabilities There is no way to share files directly from cyberduck 0
Resume Support YES

In cases where connection was interrupted and file transfer was incomplete, there is a resume button to select to continue from where the transfer was interrupted.


There is an inbuilt transfer log that keeps record of everything done when a user logged into their FTP server through the FTP client till the time the user disconnects.

OS Support It supports MAC and Windows OS 5
Overall Rating If you are looking for a free, FTP client that will allow you do a lot of the things you need to do on your FTP server with added advanced features, local machine folder synchronization, connecting to every kind of server, editing files with preferred editor, bookmarking and so much more, then you might want to get yourself Cyberduck. For a free FTP Client, it offers a lot of advanced features.




Additional Features

Features Supported Rating 1-5
Multiple Sites Only one active connection at a time 0
File Modification Can download, edit, upload and delete text files to your FTP server in a live view


Inbuilt text Editor NO

It doesn’t have an inbuilt editor to edit file in a live format


FTP account bookmark YES

There is a bookmark feature that allows you bookmark a folder in your FTP server.

Text encoding It supports all kind of text encoding




Cyberduck is one of the default ftp clients used by the mac user community. It works very well with all apple desktop systems. It has been around since December 8th 2003, but its first release on windows was on march 8th 2011 and since then they have had stable update release to support the client.

With cyberduck, a user can directly open a file and edit them with any editor they have installed on their system and after edition and saving upon closing the document, the updated document will automatically be uploaded back in to the server in high speed.

It also comes with a great help page which will help users use it to its full extent.

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