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Group vs. Enterprise Bundle Comparison

Hosted~FTP~’s entry level subscription to our fully managed file transfer service is the Group plan. Besides increased storage and bandwidth requirements, find out which features, functions and limits best suit your use case between the Group plan and our entry-level Enterprise plan. For more info on our Enterprise plans, see our chart here.

Major features and functions

Group Enterprise T1


Files and metadata encrypted Included Included All files and metadata including file names, folder names, and field names are encrypted.
Encryption in transit, on arrival, at rest Included Included All upload and download file transfer activities, and all files are encrypted using 256-bit AES military grade encryption.
Cloud Storage provided 50GB 200GB Default values for account bundles (*)
Monthly data transfer 200GB 1TB Default values for account bundles (*)
Maximum file size transferred 16GB 64GB Default values for account bundles (*)
Maximum files per account 64K 256K Default values for account bundles (*)
Maximum number of user accounts 10 50 Default values for account bundles (*)
Number of account administrators 1 1 Admin accounts have the ability to create users, branding, create operational and group admins, and set account features as noted below.
Additional administrators No Yes An Operational Admin (Ops Admin) has the same overall privileges as the Account Admin to manage/create users and user workspaces. The Ops Admin cannot make changes or view information associated with the overall account, branding or create other Ops Admins.
Group user management function No Yes  Groups are used to define a number of users to be controlled by a Group admin. Typical use cases are corporations that have different departments and projects that need control over their own FTP/SFTP accounts. Group admins can manage storage and bandwidth quota for their Group user community.
Web secure browser access Yes Yes The Hosted~FTP~ console provides HTTPS secure access from a PC, ThinkPad, touchpad, laptop. MAC, etc. with any standard browser
Enable password policy No Yes Administrators can enforce a complex password policy which will apply to all Users in the account.
IP Whitelisting No Yes IP whitelisting can be applied at the account level as well as each individual user level.
Mobile device access Yes Yes The Hosted~FTP~ account can be accessed from iPads, Android devices, Blackberry devices, that have a standard browser
Secure FTP client access (FTPS/SFTP) Yes Yes The Hosted~FTP~ account can be accessed with any standard FTP client i.e. FileZilla with secure FTPS protocol
Extended webinar support Feature & function overview Feature setup configuration Hosted~FTP~ provides Webex and GoToMeeting webinar support for accelerating the resolution of trouble tickets as well as hosting scheduled education webinars to clients.
Phone and email support Next day for tickets/phone support Same day for tickets/phone support Hosted~FTP~ provides phone and email support for the resolution of trouble tickets.

Common Features

Feature Group Enterprise T1+ Description
Folder/sub-folder level sharing Yes Yes Shared folder owner can specify read-only, read/write or write only access for each folder and/or sub-folder. Includes anonymous folders.
Anonymous FTP access Yes Yes Can also define a unique “Hide folder from anonymous access listing” to prevent search engine spider from mapping your folders. Please note that all anonymous folders will have a prefix of ~username, folder name designation
Email Notifications by transfer Yes Yes Can specify upload, download, upload/download Email notifications when shared files are transferred, or when files are uploaded. Can specify email notifications by shared folder owner or shared folder user separately.
Send file links for download Yes Yes Can send a link to a file to any email address or create a public link. Files are downloaded in a browser, saving space in mail systems.
Create/manage user accounts Yes Yes The admin accounts have the user create privileges. A user can then define their own workspace privileges for shares, users, contacts, notifications, etc.
Contact lists Yes Yes List of contacts can be created to share folders which allow more efficient management of folder shares
Import users and shared folders Yes Yes Can create lists of users and shared folder privileges to accelerate the setup of users and shares in your account – see link
Account URL branding Yes Yes Can add your own logo and color branding to personalize the web interface and plugin of the account – see link
Account FTP domain branding Yes Yes Can have ftp.yourdomain.com and ftp://yourdomain.hostedftp.com
File plugin for 3rd party uploads Yes Yes Web URL that can be added to your www.yourdomain.com site as a hyperlink to provide a simple file transfer function to you from your clients.
Drag and drop Yes Yes Please note this feature has been deprecated due to browsers dropping java. Only available in legacy setup.

Note: If you require higher limits than our multi-tenant Enterprise account bundle, request a QuickStart Webinar with one of our senior consultants. You can also contact us through live chat, phone, or e-mail.

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