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ES File Manager Review: Our Rating 5/10

ES File Manager is good at a lot of things and one of those things is can do is FTP and you can use it to manage your files efficiently and easily.  It was hard to review ES File Explorer because it does so many things well but for the purposes of this review the scope is limited to its FTP capabilities. We have reviewed the free  version,  the paid version adds value by removing ads, allowing for more GUI customization and you are  first to receive updated content.  It has language support for English, Russian, Japanese, Korean, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Czech, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Tamil, Catalan, Turkish, Lithuanian, Portuguese

Key Features

Features Supported Rating 1-5
Cost Free version or $3.50 USD 5
Fast Transfer Speed Extremely fast,  it does not actually download the file but moves it into your cache and you can copy or delete it from there. 3
Ease of Upload/download Download is as simple as selecting the file or folder from your FTP site.  Upload is not available. 5
Multiple Protocols Only standard FTP is available 1
Site Managing You can have multiple sites and can easily switch between with only 1 active at a time to access content 4
Direct media file upload Not supported but will open a downloaded file if you have the correct program installed. 1
Search Capabilities Can search your FTP site folders but will also search your phone at the same time 3
File sharing capabilities Not supported 0
Resume Support No resume support as the program does not actually download to your phone. 0
Log No logs for FTP 0
OS Support Android 5
Overall rating ES File Explorer does download and allow you to view files however this the extent of its FTP capabilities. 2


Additional features

Inbuilt Editor for text, CSV and HTML files Not supported
Multiple concurrent sites Multiple sites but not concurrent
Lock app with password Not supported
Text encoding Not supported
Mobile FTP account bookmark for site as well as default remote directory that you are logged into Not supported


ES File Explorer has a ton of features,  it is a fully functional file explorer, app manager, root manager it can do many other things like stream videos to your TV via a Chromecast plugin or play them on it inbuilt video player. One feature that was eye catching and its biggest highlight is the ability to create an ad hoc FTP server with any PC to manage your phones files.


ES File Explorer does a lot, and I do mean a lot of stuff well, however FTP is not one of them. The ability to turn your phone into an FTP server to manage local files by connecting your phone and laptop does add a certain value but still does not equal to an Internet wide FTP client.   It does allow access to the cloud via retail programs such as Sugarsync but not as a true FTP client.


It is obvious from the name ES File Explorer that it was designed to be a File explorer program and it does that extremely well and it has a host of other great features that are beyond the scope of this review. That being said as a standalone FTP client used daily to upload and download files it really only accomplishes download. If you are looking for a fully functional FTP client,  ES File Explorer should be near the bottom of the list.


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