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Fling FTP Review: Our Rating 9/10

Fling is a FTP automating tool can be used for uploading files to your FTP account automatically (time based or real time upload) or manually based on the user’s configurations. Fling is a very easy to use tool with a user-friendly step by step configuration process to help users make their configuration based on their specifications.

How fling works:


Fling takes your FTP account login credentials and then ask you to select or create a folder on your ftp account which all the automated uploads will go into. After all this credentials has been filled, fling then ask the user to select the upload or scan options. The different options are manual, automatic, time interval, and scan on demand. It is a simple configuration  process and the user can create as much folders as they want for automating purpose.

Key Features

Features Supported Rating 1-5
Cost It come with a trial version that gives users full access to test the software before they purchase it at a reasonable price that ranges from $25 to $35 4
Ease of upload/ download Users can easily upload automaticaly based on their scan and upload configurations and they can also download files from the folder they created.

Multiple Protocols



Most FTP services support more than FTP and FTPS. Fling only supports FTP and FTPS for now.

Site Managing Users can create as much folders to be connected to their FTP account.

Direct file upload You can easily upload files and folders from your laptop or computer system to your FTP server easily by just uploading into a fling folder on your laptop.


Search Capabilities Since Fling creates a folder on your local system, users can make use of the file explorer search options they are used to. 5
Resume Support In cases where connection was interrupted and file transfer was incomplete, fling continually scans the created folder and automatically completes the upload. 5
Log There is an inbuilt transfer log that keeps record of everything done when a user logged into their FTP server through the FTP client till the time the user disconnects. 5
OS Support It Windows OS 4
Overall Rating Fling automates FTP file uploads for user and does it really well. It is a very easy to use tool that can be used by users that want to automate file upload to their FTP account.




Additional Features

Features Supported Rating 1-5
Multiple Sites You can have multiple connections at a time. 5
File Modification Users can, directly modify files in the folder and the files will be saved in real time based on the users upload configurations. 5
Inbuilt text Editor It doesn’t have its own in built text editor but it is well integrated with the user’s systems and can make use of all software in the user’s system.


Multiple destination Set up multiple folders to upload to their own destinations 5
Integration Can be integrated or linked to from other programs using command line arguments to create automation upload systems 5
Automated upload Upload files automatically when changes are detected or at preset intervals 5

Fling FTP is a really nice tool to have and can be used by a lot of clients to help upload files automatically without any hassle.

Fling FTP review by Hosted~FTP~

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