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FTP Ready Review:Our Rating 5/10

FTP Ready is a simple mobile FTP client that can be used to Upload, download and delete files. It has a straight forward interface making it easy to use for non-technical users.

Key Features

Features Supported Rating 1-5
Cost Free and paid version ($1.39CAD)

The free version has a lot of ads which makes it annoying to use which is why the rating is lower.

Fast Transfer Speed


Ease of upload/ download It has a really easy to use interface which makes it extremely easy to use for technical and non-technical users. 5
Multiple Protocols


FTP only

Does not support any secure file transfer i.e SFTP and FTPS.

Site Managing You can save multiple login credentials to the ftp server through bookmarking


Direct media file upload Media uploaded directly from the mobile device to the FTP server is restricted to pictures only. Other files stored on your mobile device cannot be uploaded.


Search Capabilities A search function can be done to search for a specific file or folder. The search capability is restricted the directory you are in and will not do a tree search. 4
File sharing capabilities You can select a file and share it through email. File sharing is only restricted to email. You cannot send files through messenger, facebook, whatsapp, etc. 3
Resume Support NO

In cases where connection was interrupted and file transfer was incomplete, there is no resume button to select to continue from where the transfer was interrupted.

Log NO

There is no inbuilt transfer log that keeps record of everything done when a user logged into their FTP server through the FTP client till the time the user disconnects.

OS Support It only supports IOS (the iPod touch and the iPad are iOS devices) 3
Overall Rating If you need a mobile ftp client with basic functionalities, i.e uploading, downloading and deleting text files or uploading pictures, then FTP ready is perfect for you. 2.5



Additional Features

Features Supported Rating 1-5
Multiple Sites Only one active connection at a time 0
File Modification Can download, edit, upload and delete text files to your FTP server from mobile device


Inbuilt text Editor Does not support search and replace function


Mobile FTP account bookmark NO

There is no bookmark feature that allows you bookmark a folder in your FTP server.

Text encoding NO 0
Lock app with password Yes

A user can lock the application with a password that is only known to the user making the users file more secure.

Advanced FTP Settings Yes

Active Mode






  • It keeps crashing
  • Some of the icons are empty so when u click on them they open a black transparent screen with no way to exit. As show in the image below
  • Phone call interrupts the connection. So if you get a call while connected to the ftp server, it does not stay connected
  • Only uploads photos. For a mobile ftp client, it should be able to upload more than pictures. There is music, videos and documents that it should be capable of uploading
  • It lacks all the major key components E.G resume support, audit logs, text encoding and passive mode
  • It lacks security. You can only connect through FTP. There is no way to connect through SFTP or FTPS which means transferring through the client is not secure.

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