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FTP Synchronizer Review

FTP Synchronizer allows you to upload, download and/or synchronize files with FTP servers in real time. It detects new, updated, and deleted files on both local computer and FTP server, then synchronizes them for you automatically. This review is for the FTP Synchronizer Enterprise version and was evaluated over the 20 day period.

Features Note
Cost  $50 to $130
Ease of Upload/download Extremely easy and straight forward to use.
Multiple Protocols


Can configure account for FTP, SFTP, FTPS
Site Managing You can create multiple connections to different servers.
Real time Sync Automatically uploads/downloads files in real time and it works and extremely fast.
One-way sync (local to remote Upload) One-way sync. New and updated files will be uploaded.
One-way sync (remote to local download) One-way sync. New and updated files will be downloaded.
2-way sync (local to remote and remote to local) Two-way sync. All changes in local will be synced to server and vice versa.
Multiple folder sync One to many or many to many. You can add multiple folder sync to one connection.
Schedule Sync You can set the sync process to run on a scheduled basis. Daily, minutes interval, weekly, monthly or once.
Software Auto Start up FTP Synchronizer can run as a Windows Service so your files can be synchronized without user logged in.
Log Comprehensive logs are created for end of each sync.
OS Support Fully supported on Windows

Features and comments.

Its ability to use secure protocols like sFTP and FTPS as well as FTP allows greater flexibility in your file transfers. FTP Synchronizer is a very productive tool, that can automatically keep your FTP server up to date with real time sync from local to your remote server. This product is intended for everyday setup and use.

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