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Joining GoToMeeting with Hosted~FTP~ by Client

Hosted~FTP~ uses GoToMeeting for our support and sales webinars. To begin, copy and paste the URL or access code into your GoToMeeting Client. Set up your audio, and share your screen with one of our support or sales consultants.

1. Join the meeting

When you first open your client, you will need to paste the access code or URL provided in your email invite (see image above) then click Join.

2. Setup your audio

You can connect audio with your computer’s microphone devices and speaker or connect using a phone with the provided phone number and access code. Using the drop-down menu you can select the phone number’s country region.

3. Share your screen

When the consultant asks you to share your screen they will designate you as the Presenter which will allow you to share your screen with the other attendees in the meeting. You will see a pop up asking you to share your screen or you can use the Screen button in your Control Panel or Grab Tab to quickly start and stop sharing the screen of your main monitor once you have presenter controls.

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