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Managing FTP Files and Storage in your Account

Managing files in your FTP is crucial for efficiency and prevents reaching quota. Follow our recommended file infrastructure set-up here. To view your account’s quotas, follow this guide.

Recommended Practices:

  1. Use an FTP client like FileZilla to login and delete files/folders. FileZIlla has the ability to search on files in folders with different search criteria.
    • Press F3 on your keyboard (or go to the Server tab). You can then enter the criteria to delete files in bulk (see example below):
      Managing FTP Files and Storage
  2. You can configure automatic clean-up for mail after a specified number of days using the “Delete mail after ___ days” option on the Setup tab or per individual mail.
    • your mail will be cleaned immediately upon saving and then cleaned again when specified in your settings.
  3. Delete individual files or whole folders that are no longer needed from the Files tab

Upcoming File Retention Policy Update

Hosted~FTP~ will be adding a file retention policy feature starting at the Enterprise T2 bundle. The file retention feature will allow the administrator to setup preconditions for files and when a file meets the criteria, it will automatically be deleted. For more information about file retention or upcoming features with Hosted~FTP~, contact us for more information.

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