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This is a reference guide for the MOHG team when a new Workday request comes in to provide folder access to a user who will be authenticating with Okta SSO. In this guide, an operational admin wants to create a new user called “Test-UploadUser” to access a subfolder called “Subfolder 1” with “Read/write” permissions and “Upload” notifications.

1. The MOHG team member will login proxy from an Operational admin to the Group admin using Okta SSO. Inputting the Syntax [Admin Username/Username], Operational admins can use their own login credentials to login as other users.

2. Going to the Files tab, create the necessary folders for the Workday request.

3. Going to the Users tab, use the Import feature to create the User with the pre-defined template and paste it into the window. The user’s matching Okta credentials should also be created at this step.

4. With the same Import feature, change the Import type to “Shares” and input the access the user will have to the specific folder.

5. Going back to the Files tab, you can review the sharing settings for the specific subfolder.

The final result is the end user being granted access only to the new folder specified by Workday and can see their shared folder upon login.

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