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Moving files from a user to an admin

Why would you move files from a user to an admin? When a User leaves an organization or moves from one department to another it may be necessary to move the folders/files and shares they have. Typically the files are moved to the Admin account but they could also be moved to another user.

Definition for steps below

Follow the steps below to transfer files from a user to an admin or another account.

Steps to move folders/files in the work-space

  1. Login as the Admin
  2. Go to the Users tab and select the User that has the files
  3. On the left side of the screen click the “Login” button and enter the password of the Administrator.
    • Notice the syntax to login to any user if you’re the admin:
      • 1. Username: “AdminName”/”User’sName”
      • 2. Password: Administrator’s Password
    • This will allow you to only ever need to remember the administrator password
  4. On the user’s “Files” tab, create a folder and move all folders and files into it then click “Share” 
    • You can use FileZilla to easily move multiple separate files
  5. Click “Add contacts” > and type in the username/email of the recipients to share the folder with > and select “read/write” privileges below > click Continue > and then Save.

The Administrator, and any other added recipients are now able to view, access and download the files.

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