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MultCloud Review: Our Rating 10/10

Today’s modern technological trends show that many enterprises are migrating from one FTP account to another, or from a local FTP server to a cloud-based FTP storage. The question is, what’s the best method available to transfer files from their current FTP site to a new FTP account? In this MultCloud review, discover how this FTP client solves this problem and more. With MultCloud, files can be transferred from FTP to FTP with just a click of a button. This application is web-based and compatible with many FTP services including Google Drive, Drop Box and so on.

How MultCloud works:

MultCloud selecting application to mount MultCloud selecting to sync between two applications MultCloud scheduling a sync task

MultCloud uses your login credentials to connect to your remote FTP account(s) and mounts the server.  It then lists all your files similar to a file manager, where you can right-click and select actions to transfer, sync, copy and paste files from one server to another. In addition, you can optimize scheduling to automate file transfers between two FTP accounts, or synchronize directories so that they one-way sync or two-way sync in real-time.

Key Features

Features Supported Rating 1-5
Cost MultCloud comes with a free version that gives users full access to test the software.

Free: 5GB/month, 2 threads of data transfer

$9.99/month: 100GB, 10 threads of data transfer, scheduled tasks available

$17.99/month 200GB, 10 threads of data transfer, scheduled tasks available

$119/year: unlimited data, 10 threads of data transfer, scheduled tasks available

$249/lifetime: unlimited data, 10 threads of data transfer, scheduled tasks available

Ease of file transfer Users can easily transfer files from one FTP account to another like they do in any generic file manager. The UI is easy to use, and there are multiple platforms available to use such as: DropBox, SharePoint, Google Drive, Amazon S3, and many more. 5
Multiple Protocols


MultCloud supports FTP, FTPS, SFTP, and WebDAV 5
Site Managing Users can setup an unlimited FTP account. 5
Search Capabilities Users can use the search options to filter for a file/ folder. 5
Cloud Sync Users can sync tasks between two FTP accounts 5
Cloud Transfer Users can transfer files between two FTP accounts 5
Scheduling Synchronization or cloud transfer can be scheduled to be done at certain time. 5
Overall Rating It’s a great tool which saves users a lot of FTP migration stress and time.  



MultCloud saves users the stress of transferring files/folder from one ftp account to the other manually and gives user the ability to schedule the migration to a time continent for them.

MultCloud FTP review by Hosted~FTP~

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