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NetDrive Review: Our Rating 8.5/10

NetDrive connects multiple remote storage servers using the FTP protocol. It allows PC users to manage files and folders on a storage server as though they were located on your PC’s local drive, using the simple drag and drop process.  This review is for the full product evaluated during the 30 day trial period and only reviews the FTP portion of the client.

Key Features

Features Supported Rating 1-5
Ease of Upload/download Very easy and the exact same process you would use to transfer files on your system to different folders or flash drives 5
Multiple Protocols


Can configure account for FTP, SFTP, FTPS


Site Managing Can map several sites as a network drive and use a different security protocol for each site if required

Direct media file upload Can upload any files that are on your PC. 5
Search Capabilities Can search your FTP site like a local folder on your PC 5
File sharing capabilities Can upload media files from your PC 5
Resume Support If network connection is lost,  the file transfer is stopped and does not resume. 0
Log Creates basic log files with a debug option to send to NetDrive developers 5
OS Support Currently only on Windows with Mac support on the way 4
Overall rating

Additional features

Inbuilt Editor for text, CSV and HTML files All files open with the default Windows program for that file type,  you can save the file back on the cloud after editing.
Multiple concurrent sites You can drag and drop to multiple sites just like you would with Windows explorer
Text encoding Only supports Windows formats
Additional rating



NetDrive is essentially a productivity tool,  you can map multiple FTP sites as drives and transfer data between remote FTP sites using a straight forward drag and drop approach.  This product is intended for everyday use and is able to be integrated into many 3rd party applications and also offers the convenience of saving your everyday documents directly into the cloud using secure FTP just by saving it in the specified drive. Its ability to use secure protocols like sFTP and FTPS as well as FTP allows greater flexibility in your file transfers. One major highlight is its functionality which allows it to make transfer files between multiple cloud sites timesaving and effortless.

Once the simple one-time configuration is complete the program can be set to start up every time you turn on your PC giving you immediate secure access to all your remote documents.


This type of utility is starting to gain popularity among users and IT professionals alike,  the simple yet powerful interface has almost no learning curve and quickly establishes a way for users to securely store all their documents to the cloud in seconds.


Managing cloud storage has never been easier. All you need is your FTP login information, and your specified FTP sites will appear in a familiar virtual drive format from the moment you start your PC.


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