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New Release Communique

Starting August 2017, new release information will be summarized on this page

2024-06-29 – FTP improvements to database processing performance
– FTP servers were offline from 10:02:20 – 10:02:42 AM EDT
2024-02-17 Timing: February 17, at 10am EST. The expected downtime for the FTP servers is approximately 30 seconds.

Scope: “Upgrading our service to mitigate an issue that is occurring on the reports server.”

Impact: Customers will not notice any changes. This is a behind the scenes fix only.

2023-03-04 – New ftp-service runtime profiles to restart ftp. Expected downtime to ftp site ~20s.
– Several changes to the RDS infrastructure due to AWS RDS version expiry and SOC2 encryption requirements.
– The ftp-service database will be upgraded to a new MySQL version. Downtime for this should be less than 1 minute.
2022-12-05 Scope:

– Add support for ECDSA host key and user authentication
– Add support for SHA2-256 and SHA2-512 signature algorithms for use with RSA keys
– Enable FTP Active IP check
– Force TLSv1.2 for sending SMTP mail
– Disable SFTP MAC algorithm “hmac-sha1-96”
– Disable SFTP key exchange algorithm “diffie-hellman-group-exchange-sha1”

Downtime: 20-30 seconds at 10:03 AM


Will apply a fix tonight (at 9pm EST) to add a rule to the Linux iptables firewall that will limit the number of simultaneous connections per IP address on port 22. We already have rules in place that limit connections on ports 20-21, 80, 443, and 1200-2000. We intend to set the limit to 256 simultaneous connections per IP address on port 22. This will match what we already we do for the FTP passive port range.

This change will not cause any FTP server downtime. We will update all of the FTP front-end servers, not just us2.


Please note that the pricing for all Hosted~FTP~ services will be changed as of Aug 9, 2022 Saturday morning at 10:00 AM EDT (see this link)


A notification message will be shown on the top of the Account/Home page starting July 9th, 2022. This page is only visible to account administrators when they login. This message will automatically stop displaying as of September 10th, 2022. (2 months from the initial notification date).

2022-04-29 Added a site-level configuration to prevent users from editing javascript fields except for admins via servlet/cmd.

Allow sync from Hosted~FTP~ source to Hosted~FTP~ target (creates a copy of the uploaded file under a different user and/or folder within the same account).

Added Azure Active Directory as an SSO login option.

Added a connection timeout for Active Directory logins.


Please note our SSL certificate expiration date has changed, please trust/accept the certificate if prompted.


This release is our migration to a more advanced development and build environment. We will be updating FTP and Ftp-Service Console. There are no functional changes that any customer will observe. This is strictly an internal change to modernize our development processes. We anticipate 2-3 minutes of FTP server downtime.


Please note that the monthly login limit for the Group bundle has changed to 5000 logins per month.

Automation support is not included at the Group level

2019-06-21 Significant upgrade to drag & drop feature that removes any pre-requisite for installing Java.

The default limit is 10,000 files to be drag and dropped to the web browser.

The max size files could be uploaded previously via web browser was 2GB. The update has changed the file size limit to your subscribed bundle.

2019-01-23 Topic: DNS Flagday and Hosted~FTP~ support for DNSHosted~FTP~ uses AWS Route53 for DNS and we are fully compliant with EDNS0 that has been ratified by the IETF:


See the last comment from SeanM@AWS on Jan 23, 2019:

On February 1, 2019, a number of companies that provide DNS software and DNS service are removing some workarounds for long-known deficiencies in several DNS products. The website for this campaign, https://dnsflagday.net/, includes a test that lets you see whether your domain is affected by these changes. If you run the test on a domain that uses Route 53 as the DNS service, you’ll see the message “Minor problems detected!” The accompanying technical report shows that Route 53 doesn’t support the EDNS extension EDNS1. While this is true, it’s missing some important context.
Route 53 fully supports EDNS0, the only version of EDNS that has been ratified by the IETF. The test is reporting that Route 53 responds in an unexpected way when presented with another EDNS version (EDNS1 in the example, but it could just as easily be EDNS42, neither of which exist today). We’re working on a change now, which will ensure that Route 53 returns the appropriate response to DNS queries that include an unrecognized EDNS extension.

2018-10-27 Additional security features are being added to the Enterprise T2/T5/T10 account bundles including:

1) IP Whitelist by account and by individual users
2) Password complexity policy per industry standard
3) FTP server passive port bug fix (pre-emptive fix)

All of the FTP servers will be down for approximately 10 minutes @ 10 AM (per maintenance release policy)

2018-09-22 Code fixes deployed to improve availability/reliability including:

1) Deploy SFTP timeout fix that has been running in Australia speed relay to all servers (pre-emptive fix)
2) Update AWS SES settings to enable working backup when email notification service SendGrid goes down (pre-emptive fix)

All of the FTP servers will be down for approximately 10 minutes @ 10 AM (per maintenance release policy)

2018-04-07 As of April 7, our servers now include the RSA algorithm as a hostkey as well as our previous DSA algorithm hostkey.

Typically systems will negotiate with our service at connection time and select the preferred type of hostkey encryption. This change may affect your automated systems that previously had connected using DSA and already “trusted” the DSA hostkey. (If your system prefers RSA it can connect to the RSA and trust the new key).


RSA hostkey:
DSA hostkey:

2017-11-10 Implemented RSA 2048 Bit signature key for SSH protocol on us4.hostedftp.com. Now provides both RSA and DSA signature keys


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