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PSFTP Review : Our Rating 7.5/10

Disclaimer: this is not a “standard” FTP client in the sense that it does not have a GUI and not intended for the average user.  This means that there is a lot more typing and much less clicking.  However this does not mean that it is a bad tool,  it just has much more of a learning curve and looks “Old school”.  The biggest advantage to using PSFTP is it will work on any desktop platform.  We tested it on MAC and Windows and it looks identical but it will also function on Linux.

The install is a breeze because there is no install,  the service downloads and you can click on it and use it right away. To get an idea of what PSFTP looks like and an example of what sort of commands are available see the screenshot below :

As you can see there are many commands available and the program while simple is powerful.  It fully supports scripting and multiple file downloads,  you can use it to create files on your remote server and also to delete.


Simple install

Supports FTP, FTPS, Sftp.

Easy to use for developers

Supports both Windows commands and Linux commands


Huge learning curve

Crashes more often than I like


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