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Using the receive function to receive files by secure email link

Hosted~FTP~ allows recipients to send files to your FTP who are not users in your account. The storage each contact uses counts towards your account total. Click Here to learn how storage is calculated.

How to request files from 3rd parties to be sent to your FTP:

In your Home tab, locate and click on the Receive files button on the right. A pop-up window will appear for you to request files in an email to your recipients.
Click on the To button to select your recipients.

·        Each contact, user, or email you add will receive an email with a link for them to send files.

·        You can also manually input a username in the FTP account or email in the empty To field to specify recipients.

Please note that new emails added will automatically be created into a new Contact (Users and Admins have this permission)

Input your subject and message in the blank fields to your recipients.


Add a storage quota of _ MB – Recipients can add up to 8 files with a maximum size of 2GB. Selecting this option will restrict the recipients to upload up to your new maximum size less than 2GB.
You can review and access all your received mail in the events listed in your Home tab.

You can modify each individual’s settings at any time by clicking on a contact from the Contacts page
Receiving Files

Recipients will receive an email link to create a login account and will have the permissions to use the Send function to send files to the user or admin who sent the receive request. More info about the Send function can be found here.


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