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SSL Certificate Information with HostedFTP

 Key info for SSL certification:

Tip Reference
Hosted~FTP~ SSL certificates are issued by Digicert. Customers are welcome to purchase their SSL certificate from any provider they wish. We have received good customer support from Digicert
If you are currently planning to run only a single FTP server, you can purchase a single-name certificate to protect the server host name (e.g. ftp.hostedftp.com) http://www.digicert.com/welcome/ssl-plus.htm
We recommend customers purchase a wildcard SSL certificate to protect the entire domain (e.g. *.yourdomain.com ) http://www.digicert.com/wildcard-ssl-certificates.htm
We suggest buying a certificate for 2 – 3 years duration to avoid the hassle of renewing and reinstalling the SSL certificate every year
Technical note: The SSL certificate will be used with a Tomcat web server. Sometimes this needs to be specified during the purchase process so that the correct file formats are made available for download.
During the purchase process you will need to submit some documentation to prove that you are the rightful owner of the web domain. The certificate cannot be issued until this is completed so special care should be taken to complete this as quickly as possible.
Digicert offers good support. Customers can probably complete the entire purchase process while on the phone with a Digicert representative. Hosted~FTP~ can be pulled in if/as needed.
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