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Uploading large files (GB and TB)

Uploading large files depends on your account type. For more information please visit the Services and Pricing page on our website or our Account Limits page.

There are 3 ways to upload files:

Steps Description/Example
1. Web Browser Upload Use a web browser to select a single file at a time. With this method, the total size
of all selected files must be less than 2GB.
2. Drag and Drop Use a web browser with drag and drop to select multiple files and folders all at once.
With this method you can upload a file equal to the maximum file size for your
account type.Please note that when using drag and drop there will be an initial
wait at the start where few bytes are uploaded and the upload rate appears low.
During this time your file is being compressed so it can be uploaded as quickly as
possible to the FTP site. Once this compression is complete the upload rate
will increase to the expected speed.
3. FTP Client Use an FTP client application (i.e. Filezilla, SmartFTP, etc.) to upload multiple
files and folders all at once. Each uploaded file can be up to the maximum file
size for your account type. Hosted FTP supports resume and transfer of large files.
If your data is not uploaded due to any interruption then you can resume the
connection from where it was broken without starting the transfer again from the
beginning. To take advantage of this feature be sure to choose an FTP client
application that supports it. Click here to learn more about connecting to your
site with an FTP client application

Click to learn more about Connecting with an FTP Client

Click to learn more about Logging in with a Web Browser

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