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Usernames – Guidelines and Restrictions

Read HostedFTP’s guideline and restrictions for creating usernames. Our practices are designed to effectively collaborate with FTP clients and platforms. Complying with our guidelines and restrictions will result in the most efficient way to use our services with your use case.

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Username characters rules

The following characters are NOT allowed when creating a username

  • No @
  • No forward slashes /
  • No backward slashes \
  • No white-space characters

Examples of Username Restrictions

  • allen@1234
  • bikeroute/hills
  • proposal\hospital
  • medical building five

Examples with special characters allowed

  • allen#$%^1234
  • bike^*()route
  • proposal<?>:”{}[]
  • med?$#%five

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The multi-tenant service user namespace is shared amongst all accounts. Therefore, a best practice recommendation is to prefix and/or suffix the username with a company identifier/abbreviation.




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