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Uploading Multiple Files

Hosted FTP’s web interface allows a simple way to upload files to a Hosted FTP server. Using drag and drop, you can drag files directly from your computer’s folders, windows, and desktop to the web browser to select files.

Alternatively, you can use an FTP client to upload multiple files and folders.
Click Here for our FTP Client Tutorials.

Step Description/Example

1. Click the Files tab,
select the folder that you will upload your files and folders into and
click the Upload button located on the right-hand menu.

2. A pop-up window will appear. Drag and drop files directly from your computer
into the drag and drop box (see image).
3. Once you’ve selected all your files click Upload.
The window will show you your uploading progress.
4. After the upload completes, a confirmation shows up.
You can select Browse Files to view your uploaded files
or Close the window.
5. Clicking on the folder will also refresh your browser and show you the completed upload in real-time

Drag and Drop Tutorial


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