Fully managed FTP, FTPS and SFTP Server Hosting in the Amazon, Microsoft or Google Cloud.

Global High-Speeds Guaranteed in the Cloud.



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Highspeeds Around the Globe

Hosted~FTP~ is 100% “In the Cloud” which enables our subscribers to take advantage of our unique GB/s speed-relay infrastructure.  What this means is that your clients, employees, and partners around the globe will always enjoy the fastest transfer speeds available.

Geographical Pinpointing

Connect to our servers with your custom hostname (or use our default hostname) and our dynamic routing system will automatically connect you to the closest geographical speed-relay location, no matter where you are in the world.

Bypass ISP Hops

The farther a file must travel, the greater the potential to hit a slow ISP network along the way which can greatly impact your upload/download speeds. With Hosted~FTP~ you’ll connect directly to the closest speed relay, bypassing those slow hops and upon reaching our network will be transferred along our GigaBYTES per second pipelines.

Cached Data for Greater Availability

We’ll cache your data temporarily at your nearest speed relay so if the data is requested again or have multiple people downloading the same files from a different relay, the transfer speeds will be even faster.

The File Sharing Solution

Restricted Shared Folders

Set-up folder access through a waterfall permissions system.

User Management

Give access to users specifically on a folder-by-folder basis or entire account level.

Real-time Notifications

Email users when files are uploaded to or downloaded from specific directories.

Audit Log Reports

Track all user activity in a simple report.

Access and Manage From Any Device

Access files and manage your server from any device at anytime. Hosted~FTP~’s SaaS application makes it easy for you to manage AWS, GCE, or Azure.

End-to-End+ Encryption

We go beyond the standard and offer unique encryption: in transit, upon arrival, and at rest. Even your metadata (file and folder names, usernames, and passwords) are all encrypted with 256-bit AES. 

Gold Standard Security Model

With Hosted FTP, you won’t need to worry about servers crashing, or losing your data. Once you upload your files into the cloud, we’ll keep everything encrypted and always ready to access with our high reliability and redundancy. Our SLA is 99.95%

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