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WebDrive Review: Our Rating 9.5/10

WebDrive connects you to multiple remote storage servers (aka the Cloud) using the FTP protocol. It allows Windows and Mac users to manage files and folders on a storage server as though they were located on your PC’s local drive, using a simple drag and drop process. This review is for the full version, specifically for FTP and was evaluated over the 20 day trial period.

Key Features

Features Supported Rating 1-5
Ease of Upload/download Very easy and the exact same process you would use to transfer files on your system to different folders or flash drives 5
Multiple Protocols


Can configure account for FTP, SFTP, FTPS 5
Site Managing Can map several sites as a network drive and use a different security protocol for each site if required

Direct media file upload Can upload any files that are on your PC. 4.5
Search Capabilities Can search your FTP site like a local folder on your PC 5
Resume Support If network connection is lost,  the file transfer is resumed on reconnect. 5
Log Comprehensive logs are created for each day you use the utility 5
OS Support Fully supported on Windows and Mac 5
Overall rating Webdrive is an FTP client that describes itself as “The File Transfer Client You Already Know How to Use” which is a very apt description as it allows you to access all of your cloud files through one simple, familiar interface.  This client is extremely useful and is well supported with great help documents and walkthrough videos on YouTube.  Highly recommended.


Additional features

Inbuilt Editor for text, CSV and HTML files All files open with the default Windows program for that file type,  you can save the file back on the cloud after editing.
Multiple concurrent sites You can drag and drop to multiple sites just like you would with Windows explorer
Text encoding Binary and ASCII supported
Additional rating



The best way to describe Webdrive is Cloud storage as a virtual hard disk.  It essentially maps all your remote FTP sites as a drive letter which you can then use to easily interact with your cloud based files in the same manner as you would transfer a file into a flash drive.  This is great for users who are used to using the visually friendly Windows Explorer or Mac Finder.

You can map multiple sites as drive letters and transfer files between multiple remote FTP sites with the standard drag and drop approach.  This product is intended for everyday use and is able to be integrated into many 3rd party applications, for example you can securely store your Office documents directly into the cloud using SFTP just by saving it in the specified drive. WebDrive allows you to open and edit cloud based files without the additional step of downloading the file,  modifying it and uploading it again.

The support documentation is impressive as well as the option to roll out a large scale preconfigured deployment for an entire company or department quickly and efficiently.  With the ability to access so many different types of storage and its ability to cover all the FTP security options this is a great tool for a beginner or advanced user and can be used as a solution for many possible use cases.



The convenience of a utility like Webdrive is not to be under-estimated,  in our experience some users can find a FTP client like Cyberduck daunting to work with.  What this tool can mean in a workplace is that users can take daily advantage of secure file transfers using FTP and immediately store data securely in the cloud without a learning curve.  Sharing files and working together on projects can be can done simply, securely and without the need for a large IT presence.


Webdrive is an FTP client that describes itself as “The File Transfer Client You Already Know How to Use” which is a very apt description as it allows you to access all of your cloud files through one simple, familiar interface.  This client is extremely useful and is well supported with great help documents and walkthrough videos on YouTube.  Highly recommended.

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Getting Started
Signing up for a Free Trial
Basic steps to Setup
Purchasing your account
Choosing the right account type: Enterprise and SMB
Logging into your account
Logging in with a Web Browser
Logging in with an FTP/FTPS/SFTP Client
Logging in by FTP URL with Username and Password
Reset and change your password
Administrator Initial Setup
Audit logs for logins and file transfers
Enable audit logs for login and file transfers
Accessing and viewing your audit logs
Adding branding to your account
Branding Contact Logins
DNS Configuration for faster transfer speeds
Web Interface
Home Tab
Files Tab
Contacts Tab
Users Tab
Plugin Tab
Setup Tab
Adding a User or Contact
Adding a Contact by Email Address
Add a User by Email Address
Add a User by Username
Using Groups
Administrator Access to User Accounts
Creating A Public Link
Sending and receiving files by secure email link
Creating contact lists for bulk emailing
HostedFTP email notification IP addresses
Account setup PDF Guides (*.pdf)
Shared Folders
Restricted Shared Folders
Configuring for Restricted Shared Folders (FUSN)
Creating Restricted Shared Folders
Creating Folder Structures for Sharing
Detailed Steps to Sharing Files/Folders
Managing Shared Folder Privileges
Add real-time notifications to uploads/downloads
Anonymous Access
Creating A Public Link
Anonymously Sharing Files by URL
Sharing folders and files anonymously
Transferring Files
Uploading Files by Web Browser (Max 2GB)
Uploading Files by FTP Client (Up to Max File Size)
Download your FTP/SFTP server files from any browser
Download files with an FTP client
Website Plugin
Web Plugin Overview and Guide
Plugin Brand Customization
Embed the Plugin into Your Website
Adding Additional Security (CAPTCHA, Password)
Security and Compliance Info
Security Model Overview
Security Model Details
MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)
Add IP whitelisting
Enabling a Password Policy
Certificate & Host Key Info
SSL Certificate Info
SSL Server Test
FTPS Host Keys
SFTP (RSA/DSA) Host Keys
Configuring PKI Support
Compliance Info
WCAG 2.0
Bundle Features
Group, Enterprise, T2, T5 bundle features
Different user types and function comparisons
Difference between users and contacts
Drag & Drop
Using drag and drop to send multiple files and folders
Drag and drop to upload multiple files and folders
Account Management
Purchasing your account
Payments & Billing
Choosing a payment plan
Renewing an expired account
Changing a Payment Plan
Changing credit card information
Reviewing billing statements
Trial Account Limits
Activated Account Limits
How is Storage Calculated?
Reviewing Account Storage Usage
Switching Account Bundles
Changing the Account Administrator
Cancelling an Account
FTP/FTPS/SFTP Connections
Hosted~FTP~ IP Addresses
Connect with Open FTP
Connect with Secure FTPS/SFTP
Connecting with an FTP Client
Command Line (CLI)
How to connect to your remote site using the command line
Understanding FTP commands in the command line
Connecting through SFTP by Command Line (CMD)
Using PKI keys to connect to Hosted~FTP~ on linux
Importing PuttyGen PKI Keys to Linux
FTP/FTPeS command line error codes and their meaning
Windows Explorer
How to setup an FTP server with Windows Explorer
Setting up Windows Explorer FTP on Windows 8
Connecting from a Mac Computer Terminal
Using Filezilla with FTP/FTPS
Using FileZilla with SFTP
Connecting to WebDrive
Using WebDrive
Installing WinSCP
Backup Scripts with WinSCP
Uploading & Downloading with WinSCP
Uploading & Downloading with AndFTP
Searching, Resume Support & Third-party Sharing with AndFTP
Industry Use cases
Call Center
Real Estate
Best Practices
Use Cases
Exporting EDI files to FTP for download
User Optimization
Create a Managed User
Giving a User Read-only Access
Giving a User Full Access
Default FTP Folder Destination
Set a 0GB Storage Quota
Importing Multiple Users & Shared Folders
Importing user and shared folders
Import templates for users and shared folders
Force Secure FTPS/SFTP Connection on Users
Combine multiple audit logs
Managing FTP Files and Storage in your Account
Moving Files from a User to an Administrator
Video Tutorials
Web Interface
Home Tab
Files Tab
Web Plugin
AndFTP – Connecting, uploading and downloading
AndFTP – Searching, resume support and third-party sharing
WinSCP – Downloading, Installing and Understanding
WinSCP – Connecting with FTP, FTPS, SFTP, uploading and downloading
WinSCP Backup Script
Cyberduck– Connecting with FTP,FTPS, SFTP, Uploading and Downloading
Cyberduck– Quick Look, Transfer Queue and Synchronizing
Cyberduck – Bookmarks, Editing and using Multiple Connections
FileZilla -Downloading, Installing and Understanding FileZilla
FileZilla – Connecting with FTP, FTPS, SFTP and uploading and downloading
FileZilla – Importing/Exporting Site Connections, Editing and Logs
FileZilla Tools – Bookmarking, Searching, using Multiple Connections
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FTP/FTPeS command line error codes and their meaning
Troubleshooting FTP in the command line and common errors.
No matching host key found
Storage Quota Notification: Remedial action
Troubleshooting FTP in the command line and common errors.
Troubleshooting "Can't verify publisher"
Troubleshooting Drag and Drop
Drag and Drop Troubleshooting for Mac
Troubleshooting FTP/SFTP client connection problems
Troubleshooting slow upload speeds on Windows
No matching host key found
File not visible to admin
File uploaded successfully but not visible in account
Usernames – Guidelines and Restrictions
Release Notes
New Release Communique
Schedule Maintenance Overview
Contact Sales & Support