Restricted Shared Folder Infrastructure

Setup a waterfall permissions system through your FTP/SFTP server. Share your data securely with Hosted~FTP~.

Folder Share

Create a folder directory that you want to setup for your users. Each user can have different types of access.

User Permissions

Grant each user different types of restrictions:

  • Read/Write
  • Read-only
  • Write-only
  • Read/Write & No Delete

Add Notifications

Setup email notifications for each share for a user. Notify them of uploads or downloads in a folder they have access to.

Setup Audit Logs for Your Server

Receive daily reports of login and transfer activity in your entire server.  

Setup Security Features

Manage IP Whitelisting, Multi-Factor Authentication, Secure Protocol Lock, PKI Keys, and more. All on an easy web interface.

Start Sending Files in the Cloud.

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