Sync to SFTP, Amazon S3 and Other Clouds

Sync to S3

In many circumstances, there is a requirement to have files transferred by customers/3rd parties directly to your S3 buckets. There are significant problems with your customer setup and security in terms of providing them with access privileges to your S3 bucket. The Sync to S3 bucket file transfer solves this dilemma and provides a “secure gateway”ť to enable this functionality.

Sync from S3

Equally as important is to be able to give customers/business partners the ability to download files/documents that are stored on your S3 buckets without providing access to your internal site.

Sync to SFTP

The service also allows for files to be transferred to an external SFTP site as soon as a file is uploaded to a specific folder(s) from a specific user(s).

Customize your solution

Sync to and from S3, synce to SFTP and other Clouds with Hosted~FTP~’s custom solutions. Check out other example features we can add to your solution below.

Key Features

Highly secure cloud-based file transfer platform

The cloud-based file transfer platform infrastructure is deployed internally on a YourCompany Amazon Web Services dedicated account. This provides a highly secure file transfer platform that has been configured with all the best practices for security and privacy.

Single platform for secure file sharing

The service is built on a SaaS application that allows for integration of multiple AWS servers into a single solution that can be deployed for a variety of use cases.

Folder/sub-folder level sharing

Shared folder owner can specify read-only, read/write or write only access for each folder and/or sub-folder. Includes anonymous folders.

Group user management

Groups are used to define a number of users to be controlled by a Group admin. Typical use cases are corporations that have different departments and projects that need control over their own FTP/SFTP accounts. Group admins can manage storage and bandwidth quota for their Group user community.

High availability and scalability cloud-based solution

The service can be expanded either to meet various geographical requirements i.e. very large file transfers globally and/or to accommodate different transfer profiles i.e. very high transfer volume of small files. The service availability is 99.99%+.

Transfer event notifications

All file transfer events for uploads/downloads can be configured to generate email notifications to the owner/shared user for events that are time critical and need to have a notification process flow.

File plugin for 3rd party uploads

Web URL that can be added to your site as a hyperlink to provide a simple file transfer function to you from your clients.

Large file transfers

The solution accommodates for very large files to be transferred and can be configured on your requirements.