User Management


Why don't I see an upload button?

When you cannot see an upload button after visiting the Files tab, this means that you do not have the right permissions to upload files. There are multiple reasons why: 1. You are set as a read-only user, 2. You require the proper permissions to upload into the folder, 3. Administrator issues.

If you cannot see the upload button as a user, the best solution is to contact an administrator to troubleshoot.

Why am I getting a "User storage quota" email notification?

As the administrator of the account, you can see when user’s are hitting their limits that you have set on them. There are 2 reasons this can be happening:

1. The user is uploading outside of the shared directory –
A user when logging in will automatically land in their root (/) folder. If they are uploading outside of the folder shared to them, this issue can occur. This goes in hand with the 0GB storage quota.

2. The user has used up all their resources given. If the admin has given the user access to some resources (e.g. 5GB of storage), when the user has hit or is going to hit the limit with an upload – the user storage quota notification will occur. The solution is to either increase their storage quota, or have the user delete files.

I can't see any files to download in the shared folder

As a user, first confirm with the folder owner if there are files in the folder for you to retrieve. If so, this may be happening:

You do not have permission. The administrator will need to change your permissions from a none or write-only permission to be able to view and download files.

Why is the user under "Pending"?

Once you had added an email address to the user or added a user using the Add button, the recipient must confirm the email address by clicking on the link sent to them via email.

I set a default FTP folder destination but the user is not landing in the folder

There are 3 reasons why this can be happening:

1. The user has not been shared the folder yet.

They need to be given shared access to the folder before being able to access it in their login.

2. The folder name is wrong.

The shared folder name is the name of the folder that the user will be seeing. If it is different than the folder name set in your directory, the user will not have the same folder name in their directory.

3. The user is using the SFTP protocol.

SFTP does not support the default FTP destination set by Hosted~FTP~. The user needs to manually identify the remote directory in their script or FTP client.