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How to Login to an FTP Client via SFTP

SFTP Login Info

Please note you need to specify a “Default remote directory” for all SFTP client and system setup. The credential below shows a default remote directory of “/Upload”.

SFTP Timeouts

1) SFTP authentication timeout – 2 minutes – the amount of time to wait for a user to enter the password before the connection is terminated
2) SFTP idle timeout – 10 minutes – the amount of time an SFTP connection can be idle before it becomes a candidate for termination

Credentials To Distribute For SFTP

Credentials Description/Example
Hostname Your domain name used to access your account.
i.e yourdomain.hostedftp.com or ftp.yourdomain.com
Click here to learn more.By default, you can always use ftp.hostedftp.com
Username The user’s username. i.e admin or admin@hostedftp.com. The username can be viewed or configured in the “Users Tab”. If an email is linked to the user, the user’s email address can be used alternatively.
Password The user’s password.
Default Remote Directory The folder the user automatically will start in upon connection.
I.e /upload

Note: You may need to say yes to trusting the certificate before you can connect.

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