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Configuring SSH Keys for SFTP

The Hosted~FTP~ SaaS application has been designed to support public key authentication with SFTP connections (Also known as SSH or PKI keys). Each user can be setup to authenticate via SFTP with their username and a limit of 1 public and private key pair. Please review these links for further information on (Public Key) PKI:


Generating a Secure Shell (SSH) Key Pair for SFTP

Please review this link for details on generating an SSH key pair for either a Windows or MAC machine. To import PKI keys from PuttyGen on Linux, refer to this link. For using PKI keys with Linux, refer to this article.

Setting up Hosted~FTP~ with Public Key

  1. Login to the admin account or to a user that is not a “managed user”
  2. Go to the Setup tab and under Options check “Use a public key for SFTP authentication”
  3. Enter your PKI in the text box and save.

Public Key

Alternate key format

Setting up an FTP Client for SSH – FileZilla

For the FileZilla FTP client, open a new site using site manager. After selecting SFTP protocol, inputting the hostname, and username > Change the Logon Type to be Key File and browse for your saved private key file.

Locating the pki key setting in filezilla

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