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Creating Folder Structures

Setting up user folder structures is essential to effectively sharing and restricting users to specific folders. This includes sub-folders that refine the views that you share with your contacts/users depending on your particular industry template.

The first major step is to define a folder structure to store the files and documents that you will upload for storage and collaboration. There are no set rules for this, but there are a set of templates that have been defined for various business verticals.

You can create as many folders as you need. Folders can be added, renamed, moved, and deleted using the menu links on the Files tab. Please refer to the reference links below for the detailed how-to documentation on setting up user folder structures.

Setting up user folder structures

Some basic rules & considerations for configuring the folder/file structure

What is the prime file organization focus?

  • Customer account documentation (i.e. contracts, proposals)
  • Supplier account information (i.e. product catalogs, price lists)
  • Detail product category and subcategory level images, specification documents, etc (i.e. PNG, PDF, JPG)
  • Marketing campaign level documentation
  • Project proposal documentation (i.e. drawings, specifications, legal contracts)


Steps to Create a Folder

1.  Files tab > Click New folder on the menu on the right

 Setting up user folder structures

2. A window will appear asking to Enter a name for your folder > Choose a location for your new folder in your repository

3. Click Save

4. Your new folder will appear in your repository


Congratulations, you’re now ready for setting up shared folders.

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