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Using FileZilla with SFTP

We support and strongly recommend you connect with one of the secure connections, in this case, using SFTP (FTP over SSH) as a security best practice.

You can also view our Filezilla Video Tutorials to: install and download, connect and transfer files, import connections and edit logs, and bookmarking and using multiple connections.

Host Key Fingerprints

RSA hostkey: bc9d86202d681a35bb9d5c41f4eb694c
DSA hostkey: ce2f1c9f870af0b33183995780aee9b6

DSA Hostkey : ce:2f:1c:9f:87:0a:f0:b3:31:83:99:57:80:ae:e9:b6
RSA Hostkey : bc:9d:86:20:2d:68:1a:35:bb:9d:5c:41:f4:eb:69:4c


Ports (SFTP)  22
SFTP Host ftp.hostedftp.com or

yourdomain.hostedftp.com or



The Hosted~FTP~ service will connect your FTP client to the nearest location

FileZilla Settings


Example settings for using FileZilla FTP client secure transfer using SFTP

Protocol: SSH File Transfer
PKI Support: click here for details on setting up FileZilla for PKI login




Login Info



Default Remote Directory


Aside from requiring a username and password for login credentials, SFTP requires a target folder to be set client-side. By clicking on the Advanced tab, input the folder directory you would like to access upon login. (see image)

Note: You do not need the entire folder path, naming the last folder is enough i.e. /upload


SSL “Unknown Host Key” message The first time you connect to the Hosted~FTP~ site with a username/password with SFTP the “Unknown Host Key” message may appear. This is a normal part of the SSL setup for

FileZilla and other SFTP clients/scripts Hosted~FTP~ is the owner of the host server:
us1.hostedftp.com:22 and can be trusted. Please select the checkbox “Always trust this host, add this key to the cache” and the FTP client will then authenticate this SSL key for future connections.


Trust on first use (TOFU) The TOFU (Trust on first use) security model is employed by SSH. (e.g. See this article) Refer to these:

FileZilla client: links
WinSCP client: error message
WinSCP: verification in scripting link



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