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Add a User by Username

A user can be added by creating a username and password combination. Take advantage of Hosted~FTP~’s multiple import list function and add multiple users at once. A username created this way has no e-mail and the password must be created immediately. See steps below:

1. Click on the Users Tab and click Add username located on the right hand menu.

add a user by username

2. A screen will appear with options on the username settings. Fill in the user’s credentials and save once complete.

Add user by username

3. Select the user’s settings. Click here for more information on user settings.

  • Manage user settings: typically selected when you want to control access privileges and setup options like password.
    • Allow Full Access: gives the username ability to upload/download files; can be overridden with individual folder share privilege
    • Allow Read-Only access: gives the username limited ability to only download documents. Cannot be overridden by individual share settings

If Manage user settings is not selected then the user will have access to their own Setup tab to change their credentials and settings such as adding multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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