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Adding a User by Email Address

Users created with an email address require email verification before use. Integrate emails with user accounts in your Hosted~FTP~ server. Create a user for those that require access privileges with their own workspace and folder infrastructure. This is determined by how the workflow process is defined for the account.


To add a user by email, follow the instructions below:

1. Click on the Users Tab and click the Add button located on the right-hand menu.

adding a user by email

2. When the Add window opens, enter the email addresses of the recipients you want to invite to use Hosted~FTP~, add a subject and a message.

3. Customize the advanced settings for the user so they are restricted from the beginning. Our recommendation is to enable Manage user settings to prevent user’s from resetting their own password, and adding a Storage quota of 0GB to restrict the user to only their designated shared folders.

4. Click Send to finalize the user.

5. Both the new User and the Admin will receive a secure email link inviting them to create a Hosted~FTP~ account. This allows the Admin to acknowledge virtual email accounts i.e. sysAdmin@yourCompany.com

Note:  If you do not receive the email, ensure that the Hostedftp.com site is ‘whitelisted’ in your internal network

6. Clicking on the activation link will take you to the Activation Form on the Hosted~FTP~ web site. Please note: Email invitations expire after 24 hours. Admins must send the link again by following the previous steps above. The User:

  • Enters/confirms their password
  • Agrees to the terms
  • Clicks on the Activate button

7. The Hosted~FTP~ system acknowledges the submission with an on screen message

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