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Adding branding to your account

The Hosted FTP account administrator can add branding to the account at any time from the Setup > Branding page:












Feature Description
Apply default settings

Resets all branding to its initial HostedFTP default.

Name The name of the account. NOTE* Appear as the title in the web plugin by default.
Server Enter the address to use (e.g. ftp.yourdomain.com) when connecting to your FTP site with an FTP client program. You will need to change your DNS settings to include a CNAME record pointing ftp.yourdomain.com to ftp.hostedftp.com
Change Email Change the email address associated with the account. Also changes where notifications are sent.
Web Change Enter the address to use (e.g. yourdomain) when connecting to your FTP site with a web browser. Users can now login at http://yourdomain.hostedftp.com. Links sent inside email notifications will also use your branded web address.
URL The website specified here is displayed in a new browser when users click your logo.
NOTE: must include “https://” before the URL.
Colors (HEX)
Header, Background, Link
Change the color of the header, background and links by using 6 digit HEX color codes. Click here for help choosing the right color code.
Popup Change the size and dimension of mail event pop-ups.
Logo Add a logo to your account. The recommended logo size should be no bigger than 400 x 400 pixels but can be as big or small as you needed
Favicon The favicon (short for favorites icon) is also known as a web site icon, shortcut icon, or bookmark icon. This is a small file, commonly 16 x 16 pixels, associated with a particular web site. Many browsers display the favicon in their address bar and next to page names in a list of bookmarks.
Signature Create a signature to appear at the end of each message you send. This account level signature typically contains references to confidentiality, privacy, copyright policy and general contact information


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