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Using secure protocol options (FTPS and SFTP) with Hosted FTP.  Take advantage of the highest level of security for analytical data to be transferred and stored in the Cloud.

The Challenge

Analytical companies require a high standard of protection and security to prevent any important data from being exposed or tampered. Advanced security measures are required to maintain a higher level of security. The FTPS/SFTP server also requires the need to be manageable with its restrictions on a user-by-user basis to provide more accessibility for seniority or administrator level users. Encryption, redundancy, file loss, and disaster recovery are a few prerequisites to ensure that analytical data is transferred and stored securely.

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Benefits of FTPS and SFTP with Hosted FTP

File and Folder Security

With Hosted FTP’s gold standard security model, your files and folders are encrypted and protected the moment they leave your device to transfer. Hosted FTP encrypts your files and folders with 256-bit AES military-grade encryption in transit, upon arrival, and at rest – No other FTP services provides this level of encryption. Furthermore, our unique security model adds encryption to all your metadata: file names, folder names, and file info are all encrypted. Read more about the security model here. >

Disable Standard Accessibility

Hosted FTP has the ability to disable anonymous access, and locks down HTTPS and FTP access to your server. This enforces all your users or specific users to connect through only secure FTPS and SFTP protocols. Read more about other features. >

Password Complexity and Other Security Features

Hosted FTP enables advanced security features such as IP whitelisting, MFA, and increasing password complexity rules when accessing your SFTP server. This can be enabled by each individual user or across the entire site. Read more about the security model here. >

Administration Lock-down

To provide different restrictions on each user, Hosted FTP can create different levels of user hierarchy by giving administrator privileges for operational admins (entire account) or group admins (for a group of selected users) to manage settings in your SFTP server. You can further increase restriction by removing users’ ability to reset their own passwords, emails, usernames, and other personal settings. With our restricted shared folder system, you can easily set-up a folder system that only provides upload/download access to specific users within minutes.

Security Compliance Standards and Regulations

To ensure a guarantee in data protection, Hosted FTP has multiple compliances such as HIPAA, SOC 2, GDPR, and more that fits different businesses requirements based on their use case. Read more about the security model here. >

Keep Track of Activity for Entire Server

Hosted FTP has audit log and real-time notification features to allow you to always keep track of what’s happening in your server. Users with the right privileges can set up to receive real-time notifications when a party uploads or downloads files into their directory through an easy-to-use interface. The administrator can also enable audit logs to receive daily logs of the entire server’s login and transfer activity to locate rogue processes and pinpoint specific user activity easily. Read about audit logs here. >

Access from Any Device

Hosted FTP grants the capability to allow any device with an FTP client or web browser to connect and transfer files through HTTPS, FTP, FTPS or SFTP after providing the correct credentials. Perfect for users who are constantly on-the-go around the world who need to stay connected to the company’s data infrastructure.

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