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Branding Contact Logins

Contacts do not get their own branding. If the user who creates the contact has a sub-domain on their account, then links sent to the contact (i.e. shared folder, download link, etc.) will contain the subdomain and when clicking it, will show the contact the branding of the user’s account. In short, for branding contact logins, you need to brand the admin account.

You can add a logo, color scheme, custom URL, and more in the branding section of your administrator account, that will apply to all contacts and users of your FTP site.

Example of custom login screen

Branding Video Tutorial

Contact Access to Shared Folders by Login

If the contact logs in from the “Login” link on our www.hostedftp.com website, they will not see the branding of the user’s account.

Why does visiting https://ftp.hostedftp.com remember my branding?

Once you click on a branded subdomain we set a cookie in your browser to help remember what branding to show. So if you click on a link with a branded subdomain first, but then click the generic link on our www website later, you will still see the branding because the cookie in your web browser remembers the subdomain you clicked previously.

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