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Call Center

Upload and retrieve your agent recordings and chats with customers without and any hassle.

The Challenge

Call centers are required by government regulations to archive call recordings for a period of up to seven years. Depending upon the size of the call center, this can involve saving from tens of thousands to several million files for access on specific query situations. Hosted~FTP~ responds to this challenge by easily integrating with call center software e.g. Five9, inContact, Genesys, etc to transfer/store call center campaign files.

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Benefits of Hosted~FTP~

Easy to Setup

Simply configure your account to mimic your use case by creating folders, users, and admins. Delegate authority, access, and permissions as the admin of the account. Click here to see how to set up a call center using five9>

Folder Structure

With Hosted~FTP~ you can mimic your entire folder infrastructure to reflect your campaign. Learn more about setting up your workspace.>

Fastest File Transfer Speeds

Upload agent recordings, files and data with the fastest transfer speeds possible. Our speed relay infrastructure automatically selects the closest aws region location to connect. Learn more about our global infrastructure.>

Expandable storage

With Hosted~FTP~ you can expand the storage and bandwidth to meet the needs of call centers with several hundred agents or more. Learn more about expanding storage.>

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