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Cancelling an Account

If you’ve already signed up with Hosted~FTP~ and would like to cancel your subscription, please view the exerpt below pulled from our terms of service:

Upon termination of the Services pursuant to the Termination clause below, Hosted~FTP~ will cancel automatic payment of the agreed subscription fees. Any amounts paid by you up to the effective date of termination will not be refunded. Following the effective date of termination you will no longer have access to any User Files in your Storage account and it is your responsibility to back up or download any User Files before the effective date of termination. Hosted~FTP~ is not responsible for any data that may be lost upon termination.

If you’d like to cancel an annual or semi-annual plan earlier it is best recommended to wait until the end of the billing cycle month you are currently in. For example, if your billing cycle started on the 6th of the month, wait until the 5th of the next month to end your subscription.

Steps to Cancelling a Paid Account

Cancelling an account can only be done by the account administrator:
1. Login to your site and go to the Account page
2. Click the menu item “Cancel account
3. Enter your password and check the box to confirm the cancellation
4. Click “Continue
Note: When you cancel your account all of your mail and files are permanently deleted. Please make sure any files you wish to keep are backed up to a different location before cancelling your account.

Cancelling an Account

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