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Changing the Account Administrator

There are 2 options for changing the account administrator.  The first is to update the email credentials from the current admin to the new admin, effectively replacing the current admin without impacting existing setup.  The second option is to transfer the Account admin privileges to another user which may impact setup as all existing folders/files and shares stay under the current account admin login.

1. Changing the Account Administrator’s Email

After logging in, navigate to the Setup tab and click Change next to the Email button.

Then enter your current admin password and input the new admin email.

  1. An email will be sent to the new admin email to confirm the change,  once the confirmation link is clicked the change will be complete
  2. Update any processes that currently use the old login as the login username.

Note: If you have lost access to the administrator account due to an employee leave, etc. please contact support@hostedftp.com to go through security protocol to recover the administrator account.

2. Transferring Account Administrator Rights to Another User

Changing the account administrator can be done at any time. The effect of this is to remove access to the Account page from the login console of the current Account admin and give Account page access to the new account admin.
Note: the workspace on the Files tab and all folders/files and shares stay with the current account admin even after the changes are made.

The Criteria for the New Administrator

1. The new account administrator must be an active user in the account
2. The new administrator must be a user on the account
3. The new administrator must have an email associated with the username
4. The new administrator cannot be have the “Manage user settings” options checked on their details


Login as the account admin and go to the Setup tab.
Select the new account administrator from the Admin drop-down list.
Click “save” to finalize the admin change.


The change takes effect immediately.

Enterprise+ Account Considerations

If this is an Enterprise bundle account then please consider the following:
1. You need to decide if you want to give the previous account admin “Admin” privileges on their detail page. This will allow the previous admin user to create new “User” which can only be done by admins on the account

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