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Configuring Single Sign-On (SSO) for your account

To simplify user and password management, Hosted~FTP~ Enterprise T2+ accounts and above can implement Single Sign-On (SSO) for user logins to securely authenticate and access multiple applications using one set of login credentials from one of our supported IDPs.

*Please note: Hosted~FTP~ supports both OpenID Connect protocol and SAML.

SSO Provider Configuration

Configuring Okta

Configuring Azure AD

Redirect URIs

Please add the following sign-in redirect URIs to your SSO OpenID Connect provider registrations.

Server location Sign-in redirect URI
Virginia Https://us1.hostedftp.com/openidconnect
Virginia Https://us2.hostedftp.com/openidconnect
California Https://us3.hostedftp.com/openidconnect
Oregon Https://us4.hostedftp.com/openidconnect
Ireland Https://ie1.hostedftp.com/openidconnect
Frankfurt Https://de1.hostedftp.com/openidconnect
Australia Https://au1.hostedftp.com/openidconnect
Korea Https://kr1.hostedftp.com/openidconnect
Japan Https://jp1.hostedftp.com/openidconnect
India Https://in1.hostedftp.com/openidconnect


How to Setup Single Sign-On

1. Logging in as the administrator, go to your Setup tab and click on the SSO page and add a new SSO.

2. Fill in the details of the SSO profile (see details below) and click on Save to activate the SSO.

Name The label of the SSO to be recognized when enforcing on an account/group/user level
Provider You can select 1 of 4 supported IDPs: Auth0, Google, Azure, or Okta
Domain The domain name used to connect to your SSO

  • Please note that different providers may have a different field name. I.e. Azure AD requires “tenant ID” to be placed in this field
Client ID The client ID found in the provider’s SSO settings
Client Secret The client secret in the provider’s SSO settings
Extra Parameters Extra parameters to add to the SSO (contact our support team to assist in setup)
Active Defaulted to be on active, un-checking this option will turn off the SSO


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