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Connecting from a Mac Computer Terminal

If you are having issues with connecting from a Mac – using the syntax below, please follow these troubleshooting procedures. Note, please see this link for your specific hostname for your location. The notes below assume us1.hostedftp.com as the hostname just for the example syntax and may need to be replaced.

Connecting from a MAC settings

  1. Go to System Preferences > Security > Firewall: make sure the firewall is off and/or not blocking FTP ports
    • For FTP/FTPS: Ports 21, 1200 – 2000
    • For SFTP: Port 22
  2.  System Preferences > Network > Advanced > Proxies: checkmark “use passive mode”

You can open the System Preferences page by clicking the Apple menu at the upper-left corner of the screen. This Apple help page provides further details: Proxy settings for MAC. Once these system preferences have been confirmed or updated, try the FTP link again to see if it works.

FileZilla FTP client Test

If the above does not work for access by using the syntax, move on to the FileZilla test below to connect to your Hosted~FTP~ account. The syntax is also included below for opening up in a “default folder” with the following credentials:

User: username
Host: us1.hostedftp.com
Password: password
Default folder: Folder (optional)

e.g. ftp://username:password@us1.hostedftp.com/
e.g. ftp://username:password@us1.hostedftp.com/Folder/

Open FileZilla, and use the Site Manager to create a connection to the FTP. For a secure FTPS connection see the notes below and ensure that the User in Hosted~FTP~ has the Force FTPS/SFTP option checked on the Setup tab.

  1. Click File > SiteManager > Click New Site
  2. Enter these settings:
    • Host: us1.hostedftp.com
      Protocol: FTP – File Transfer Protocol
      Encryption: “Require explicit FTP over TLS” (for a secure connection) or “Use plain FTP” for non-secure
      Logon Type: Normal
      User: username
      Password: password
  3. Switch to the Transfer Settings tab at top of the Site Manager window (for a secure connection) > Change transfer mode to Passive (compatible with most firewall settings) > Click Connect
  • Note: For a secure connection, you will see an Unknown certificate window. This is normal the first time you visit the FTP site.
    • Check Always trust certificate in future sessions and then click OK
  • If you specified a folder, it will open that folder location


Advanced Troubleshooting Logs

If this test does not connect to the FTP site, create a log to send to our support team by completing the following

  1. Click on FileZilla/Preferences from the top menu
  2. Scroll down on the Settings page and click on Debug
  3. Change Debug information by setting to the highest level (e.g. 4 – Debug)
  4. Click OK
  5. Try connecting again from the Site Manager.
  6. Copy/paste all of the log messages displayed during the login attempt and send to support@hostedftp.com
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