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Giving a User Full Access

Create a managed user with full access. Full access refers to having the authorization to upload and download files into their account. Managed users do not have access to their setup tab to change their login credentials, signature, 2-step verification, mail settings, and more.



1. Go to the Users Tab and create a new user by clicking “Add” (requires email verification) or “Add username”. Alternatively, you can select a current user and continue on to step 3. image showing add user button
2. If you’re creating a new user, fill in the login credentials. Follow our Username guidelines: here. Add user by username
3. Select the username to open their settings and scroll down to the options list to click “Manage user settings”. A managed user does not have access to their setup tab to edit their login credentials, signature, and more. Next, using the drop-down list, select “Full” access.


6. Check “Add a storage quota” and set it to 0GB. This restricts the user from uploading files in their own workspace. Find out more: here. Then, click “Save”.


Sharing Access to a Folder

Once the “Saved” prompt comes up, you have successfully created a managed user with full access. The next step is to share a restricted folder with the user to begin uploading files. Check out our guide on: How to set-up restricted shared folders.

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